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As the temperature rises and the spring weather roots itself, Pickerington Plumbing & Drain is here to help you guarantee that your plumbing system is ready for all the seasonal transitions! To make certain you have everything necessary for the upcoming season, we’ve gathered a helpful selection of tips: 



  • Faucets & Sink: Although they may not be noticeable right away, small leaks and drips can cause damage to your cabinetry and pipes. For this reason, performing routine inspections of your faucets and sinks for the slightest signs of seepage is essential. So, make sure you take a look around and underneath your sinks at least once every season! To inspect your sink effectively, ensure that there are no drops or leakage around your fixtures as well as underneath them. Unseen water damage can accumulate over time. If left unchecked, a drip under the kitchen sink may eventually result in the long-term destruction of both items inside the cabinet and the cabinetry itself. So, don’t overlook this crucial task! 
  • Toilets: Be sure to stay vigilant regarding your toilets. This goes for all the lavatories in your house. If water starts accumulating near its base or it seems like it’s running nonstop, there is no time like now to take action. Ignoring a minor issue will only make matters worse and eventually result in an incredibly difficult situation that you may not be able to fix on your own. 

2. YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR DRAINS: Regularly inspect all of your drains from the sinks to showers and fixtures for hair or other clogs in order to prevent major, costly blockages. Placing a drain screen inside the tub is one measure you can take, but it’s important to ensure that light cleaning happens every couple of weeks too. Don’t wait until an overwhelming buildup occurs, or you may just end up with no choice but to hire a professional for a major cleaning. 

3. YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR MAIN WATER SHUT-OFF VALVE: Do you remember the last time you used your main water shut-off valve? If not, it may be wise to check if it still works properly. It should spin clockwise or counterclockwise with no issue; however, if this is not true for your valve and shutting off/on your valve proves troublesome, then replacing this fixture must occur as soon as possible. In any plumbing emergency situation, you’ll want to ensure that accessing your shut-off valve won’t lead to more difficulties in itself. 

4. YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR OUTDOOR FIXTURES: As we transition from the chilly season, it’s essential to inspect your exterior plumbing fixtures for any potential issues. Begin by running each spigot for a minute. You may hear some pops or spurts initially, but water should soon flow consistently. Don’t forget to keep an eye out after turning off each one and look out for any continuous drips or leakage in the system.  

5. YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR WATER HOSES & SPRINKLERS: Before being put to use for the upcoming spring season, it’s essential to inspect your water hoses and sprinkler system. After having stored them away during winter, make sure they are still in good condition before you reconnect them outside. Exposure to extremely cold temperatures can result in material shrinking or cracking; thus, be certain that there are no visible holes, leaks, or cracks on either item. Should you find any damage, please replace them before reattaching them to your outdoor fixtures. 

6. YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR SUMP PUMP: As the ancient adage states, “April showers bring May flowers,” and if your residence is equipped with a sump pump, it’s important to make sure that it is functioning properly. The easiest way of verifying this? Simply pour a couple buckets of water right into the pump basin! By taking these precautionary steps now, you can relax knowing that you’ve safeguarded yourself against any surprise downpours in the future. Start your sump pump with a swift kick, and don’t hesitate to call us when you face any difficulties. To ensure maximum efficiency, make sure to add cleaning this device on the top of your spring-cleaning checklist; it’s recommended that you clean it out every three or four months! 

7. YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR WATER HEATER: Over the course of time, sediment can accumulate in your water heater, causing a decrease in its efficiency and shortening its life span. To ensure that your machine works at peak performance for as long as possible, we highly recommend scheduling an inspection every year. Our professional services are designed to flush out any built-up residue from within the tank so it is able to run efficiently again. 

8. YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR YARD DRAINS & GUTTERS: Don’t make the mistake of overlooking your gutters and outdoor drains! It’s essential that they remain free from leaves or any other obstructions, as these parts direct rainfall away from your home. If you don’t clean them out yourself, then consider employing a professional – either way, be sure to tackle this job before the rainy season starts up! 

Welcome the springtime with confidence and get ready for any plumbing issues that come along with it by adhering to our easy tips. If you ever have doubts about something or require assistance, we are always available; don’t hesitate to reach out! We would be more than happy to help in any way possible. You can reach Pickerington Plumbing & Drain today at (614) 350-1955, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!