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A sump pump is an essential device that effectively moves excess water from your basement to the outside of your home. It operates within a naturally constructed pit, known as a basin, located below the main surface of your basement floor. Equipped with advanced valves, the sump pump is intelligently designed to detect rising water levels or pressure. When the water reaches an undesirable level, the sump pump automatically works to redirect the excess water away from your property using a discharge line. This specialized line, referred to as an effluent, securely connects the sump pump to a designated drainage area, allowing you to maintain a dry and protected basement environment.

At Pickerington Plumbing & Drain, we recognize the significance of safeguarding your home against flooding and water damage. That’s why we offer exceptional sump pump services in Pickerington, Greater Columbus, and Central Ohio. Our skilled technicians specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of residential sump pumps for homes throughout the region. With our professional and experienced team, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your sump pump is in capable hands. We also provide emergency services for unexpected repair needs, ensuring you can always depend on us for prompt assistance when you need it most. Trust Pickerington Plumbing & Drain to protect your home from floods and water damage.

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Professional Battery Backup Sump Pump Installation in Columbus, OH

A sump pump is a mechanism that detects elevating water levels and pressure to ensure that these levels do not rise too high. These pumps use a switch to detect water levels in the basin. When the switch is activated by a rising water level, the pump turns on and directs water into a discharge pipe and away from the home’s foundation. A pump can be powered electrically, by battery, or by water. Primary pumps are typically wired in, but many sump pump systems contain a backup pump that is powered by either water or battery in case of a power outage.

Sump pumps are necessary in homes prone to flooding. Whether it is from above-average rainfall or basements built below the water table, flooding can be disastrous for your home and your health. Even if your home does not flood, moisture can cause several types of mold that increase the risk for upper respiratory infections, allergic reactions, and asthma complications. If you don’t have a way to move water outside, it’s going to accumulate and eventually flood or dampen your basement.

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Flooded Basement Solutions in Pickerington, OH

 Most people don’t think about their sump pump much until there’s a downpour. Once the rain hits, you hope your sump pump works correctly so your basement doesn’t sustain serious water damage. Because sump pumps can stop working at any time for almost any reason, being mindful of this and utilizing expert sump pump care is essential. If you’re having an issue with your sump pump and need sump pump repair, sump pump replacement, sump pump installation or sump pump maintenance, you’re in the right place.

Sump pumps can fail due to errors in installation, machine functionality, and lifespan. If you are taking on the installation yourself, it is crucial to be familiar with the process. However, the money you save by doing it yourself pales in comparison to the potential water damage costs if the installation is done incorrectly. Additionally, pump errors can occur when there is continuous cycling or switches that are stuck in either the on or off position. It is important to note that sump pumps, like any machine, have a lifespan typically ranging from 7 to 10 years, depending on usage. At Pickerington Plumbing & Drain, we understand the importance of proper sump pump installation and maintenance to avoid costly consequences.

Our sump pump experts at Pickerington Plumbing & Drain have seen it all. If your sump pump isn’t running like you need it to, give us a call. We can come over and investigate the problem right away. We can examine your sump pump during our visit and offer all sorts of preventive maintenance tips, so it doesn’t end up quitting when you need it most. We have all the skills and expertise needed — whether you need a sump pump repair or sump pump replacement. We also service residential well pumps!

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Frequently Asked Sump Pump Questions

At Pickerington Plumbing & Drain, we’re dedicated to finding a solution for our customers so they can live in comfort. If you have any questions, give us a call!

Can you install a battery backup on an existing sump pump?
Yes, you can indeed add a battery backup to your existing sump pump. Some battery backups work similarly to those used for internet routers, allowing you to simply plug your sump pump directly into them without any extra steps. However, there are other battery backups specifically designed for sump pumps that require a slightly more intricate installation process. These types of backups are typically more durable and less likely to fail during severe storms. Regardless of which option you choose, rest assured that it will seamlessly integrate with your current sump pump.
What is the life expectancy of a sump pump battery backup?
A sump pump battery typically lasts between three and five years with proper care. However, there are several factors that can affect its overall lifespan. If the backup system is constantly in use, especially in areas with frequent power outages, it may burn out faster due to overuse and require replacement. Similarly, battery-powered backups that are heavily run for an extended period of time in a single instance may also need replacement. The battery’s operating time varies depending on the model, so running it for longer than its designated period can drain the battery and impact future operability. Regardless of the backup system you have, regular cleaning and inspections are essential for both the backup system and your sump pump’s maintenance.
What types of sump pumps are available?

Two types of sump pumps, the pedestal and submersible, are available. The pedestal pump features a motor placed on top of the tank, allowing for easier maintenance, although it is visible. On the other hand, the submersible pump has its motor sealed inside the tank to prevent water damage, making it less noticeable but more challenging to service. Installing a sump pump is a smart decision for both homes and businesses as it not only safeguards your belongings and important documents but also maintains the structural integrity of your building. Contact Pickerington Plumbing & Drain today for further information.

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Whether your drain is clogged, you have a leak, or simply need help with your sump pump or septic system, it’s important to hire an experienced plumber that can do the job efficiently. As a local, family-owned and operated plumbing company, your friends at Pickerington Plumbing & Drain are trained extensively to handle all types of plumbing emergencies and plumbing work. We send out only the best. Each and every plumber on our staff is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. This allows us to guarantee quality work and offer the highest quality plumbing products at the most competitive prices.

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